Thursday, February 9, 2012

Iran Shmiran

What, Israel Worry?  US diplomats are worried.  European diplomats are worried.  Asian diplomats are worried - although more about North Korea than about Iran.

But in Israel, Abq Jew gets the sense that the diplomats are determined, the military is prepared, and the general citizenry - as always - is ready to face whatever comes.   

And to face it with good humor - an undeniably, identifiably Jewish trait.

Here is just one of a series of Twenty Funny Hebrew Commercials that Abq Jew just discovered via Caitlin Hecsh (thank you!) of Artistic Design & Print.

Now, Abq Jew's Hebrew is no longer good enough to catch all the words and jargon and catch-phrases and innuendos - but, hethinks, the video is clear enough.

May God bless them all, and may only good come!

Recognize the tune? All ye of a certain age will remember Yehoram Gaon singing "Kol HaKavod" in the 1974 Israeli musical Kazablan.  For all you youngsters ....

And yes, the producer of Kazablan was Menachem Golan, who came to fame with Sallah, The House on Chelouche Street, and I Love You Rosa, and went on to produce such films as The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 

Abq Jew isn't sure what this means, but he's sure it means something.

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