Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good Morning! Time to Polka!

Dance With The Polka Nuts:  What a way to wake up! The Polka Nuts are - you guessed it - a polka band from Brighton, Colorado.  They really enjoy this music, as will soon be obvious. And they're really good at playing it.

What sets The Polka Nuts apart is their use of the hammered dulcimer, which adds a wonderfully joyous sound to their already flawless playing.

Now, the hammered dulcimer and the tsimbl are first cousins (same construction, different tunings). And Pete Rushefsky is about the best tsimblist (yes, that's where Efram Sr & Jr & Stephanie got their last name) out there today.

Pete and a few friends - Joel Rubin, Steve Greenman, Bruce Bierman, and more - will be at KlezmerQuerque 2012, the 10th anniversary of Albuquerque's own world renowned  klezmer festival. 

Enjoy listening to The Polka Nuts.  And if you can't get enough hammered dulcimer, come hear Pete Rushefsky at KlezmerQuerque!

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