Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pesach As She Oughtta Be

With Rebbetzin Rivka Leah Zelwig:  Way back around a week and a half ago, Abq Jew had the chutzpah to write (in Pesach Watch Begins!):

Homemaker's Hint:  If you believe what you're saying - and you should - your efforts to clean the house before Pesach need not go beyond the reasonable and customary! 
Well.  Eye Doc Randi Thompson jumped all over that statement!

To show Abq Jew how to clean for Pesach mamash the right way, EyeDoc Randi sent along a link to this YouTube video from Rebbetzin Rivkah Leah Zelwig ("Rebbetzin RLZ"), a - no, the renowned authority on Pesach cleaning - she's takeh a rebbetzin!

Please note that: a) there can be no true cleaning for Pesach without extensive use of power tools; and b) Rebbetzin RLZ is wearing protective eyewear.  Follow her example.

But the big shayla by this video is: What language is Rebettzin RLZ speaking?  It sounds sorta like English - but it's not.  It sounds sorta like Hebrew - but it's not.  And sorta like Yiddish - but it's not.

Stay tuned!  Abq Jew explains everything in the next chapter (see Yeshivish As She Is Spoke) of this saga!

And BTW: Rebbetzin Rivka Leah Zelwig is apparently someone by the name of  Danielle Jacobs.  No further information about Ms Jacobs is available at this time.  Stay tuned!

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