Sunday, March 11, 2012

Avner Dafni To Launch Israel Today!

Congregation Albert Announces Israel Today! Lecture Series:  Congregation Albert of Albuquerque is proud to announce the creation of the Israel Today! lecture series.
Modern Israel is a diverse, multicultural, multi-religious, multi-racial country flourishing in the Middle East.  Israel Today! will introduce New Mexico audiences to speakers reflecting the diversity of Israel. Audiences will get beyond the “headlines” in the media so they can understand what day-to-day Israeli life is really like.
Avner Daf
The 2012 speaker for Israel Today! will be Avner Dafni.  He is the executive director of Israel Gay Youth (IGY), the primary national gay youth organization in Israel.

Israel Gay Youth operates forty-two social and support groups in twenty-one cities and towns throughout Israel that serve as the organization’s core activity.

These groups, which meet on a weekly basis and are divided according to age groups, provide a safe and welcoming environment where teens and young adults can freely express thoughts and feelings regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

The younger groups (ages 15-18) cope with coming-out and school environment issues, while the older groups (ages 18-23) struggle with issues concerning military service, leaving home and personal independence.

IGY also operates a number of national programs which meet monthly and cater to specific segments of the GLBT community.

Mr Dafni has served as IGY's executive director since 2007.  During his tenure, IGY has enjoyed an unprecented period of growth and expansion.  Today, IGY is recognized both nationally and internationally as a leading voice within the GLBT community.

Mr Dafni will be speaking at several events open to the public, and Congregation Albert invites you to attend.

Sat 17 March @ 4:00 pm     Congregation Albert
Sun 18 March @ 10:30 am    Metropolitan Community Church
                              1103 Texas NE - Albuquerque
Sun 18 Mar @ 3:00 pm       Congregation Albert
Mon 19 Mar @ 12:00 Noon    LGBTQ Resource Center Atrium
                              UNM Student Union Building

Congregation Albert, Jerry Ginsburg, and American Veterans for Equal Rights sponsor Mr Dafni’s visit.

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