Friday, March 23, 2012

Abq Jewish Lifecycle Announcements

Abq Jew Announces Abq Jewish Lifecycle Announcements:  It is Abq Jew's honor and privilege to announce that he sometimes listens when revered rabbis speak.

In this case, the revered rabbi is Rabbi Harry L Rosenfeld of Congregation Albert, and the thing of which he spoke - and recommended -  is an

which Abq Jew has just spent a day ... "implementing", as we say in the IT biz.

Abq Jew knows - you've got questions!  What kinds of Lifecycle Events does Abq Jew have in mind? - for example.  Abq Jew has broken down All of Life into categories:
  • Birth - Bris - Simhat Bat
  • Bar Mitzvah - Bat Mitzvah
  • Engagement - Wedding - Anniversary 
  • Death - Funeral - Shiva - Unveiling 
  • Announcements of Everything Else
And how, you're dying (chas vishalom) to know, can you announce to Abq Jew what you'd like to announce to the Abq Jewish community and the world?  That's simple - you just fill out a form!

And where can you find this form?  One place is on the page for Abq Jewish Living, where you'll see these two iconic images:

The image on the left will take you right to the Abq Jewish Lifecycle Announcement FormAbq Jew has thoughtfully scattered these images all over the Abq Jew website.

The image on the right will take you to the aforementioned page for Abq Jewish Lifecycle Announcements.

Abq Jew has done his best to make this as easy as possible.  Moreover, to launch Abq Jew's Lifecycle Announcements, this service is currently offered at no charge.

Otherwise, meanwhile, and nevertheless - please, please consider making a non-tax-deductible donation to help keep Abq Jew going!


More Visibility for Abq Jew's Advertisers

In the old days - last week - Abq Jew's readers had to browse to the Products Made Well page or the Services Done Right page to view advertisements from Abq Jew's supporters.

But - that is no longer true!   Advertisements now appear on the Abq Jewish Event Calendar page, the Abq Jewish Lifecycle Announcements page, and next to the Abq Jewish Lifecycle Announcement Form.

A better deal for advertisers, and better deals for the Abq Jewish community.

Come grow with us!

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