Monday, March 19, 2012

Journey of Questions and Faith

A Passover Haggadah by Anne McGoey:  Based on her book, published in January 2010, Anne McGoey will examine how the format of the Seder also corresponds to stages in a process of change that we unconsciously incorporate in our lives year-round. 

Sunday March 25
10:00 am - Noon
Congregation Albert

By becoming aware of these stages, Ms McGoey says, we can deliberately apply the model of the Seder as a sacred process for facilitating change and easing transitions in our daily lives. 

Abq Jew does not know anybody else who has written his or her own Haggadah.  Do you?  As he stated in his blog post A Haggadah Revue:

Anne McGoey grew up in a family that was active in the Presbyterian church in the small community of Aztec, New Mexico.  She was introduced to Judaism in 1995 while studying for a masters degree in social work, and converted in 1998.  Ms McGoey states:
Having created a situation in which I was the only Jewish person in my family, I wanted a Haggadah that would be meaningful to both my family and my Jewish friends.  Unable to find a Haggadah that had everything I was looking for, I decided to create one.
Journey of Questions and Faith is the result of that effort.  Mostly in English, with some Hebrew and Aramaic sprinkled in, JQF is not for the tradition-bound.  But JQF is poetic and moving - a still, small voice that deserves a place at anyone's - everyone's - Seder.

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