Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Inner Meaning of Passover

Solomon Schechter Day School Speakers Series:  SSDS Abq presents the closing event in its Spring Speakers Series, a talk by Schechter's Rabbi Stephen Landau on "The Inner Meaning of Passover."

  Sunday March 25
3:30 - 5:00 pm in the Library
Solomon Schechter Day School

At Passover, we are required to view ourselves as if we, personally, went out from Egypt. Passover is thus a festival of personal liberation as well as the liberation of our People. In this discussion we will reinterpret some of the symbols and rituals of Passover and seek to discover what they offer us in the light of personal spiritual liberation. 

Rabbi Landau is a traditionally trained, spiritually oriented rabbi. He is pluralistically oriented although he has been involved in and taught at a Conservative religious school. 

Rabbi Landau brings skills and talents to Schechter that includes pastoral counseling, cantorial skills, and carpentry.

Rabbi Landau recently moved back to New Mexico after several years in Connecticut as the Rabbi at a small Conservative synagogue.  He is involved in a number of interesting projects in Jewish New Mexico.  Stay tuned!

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