Friday, March 16, 2012

Nose Job Love Song

The Trouble with Groggers: JTA - one of Abq Jew's most reliable sources of Jewish news - has reported that Dr. Michael Salzhauer, of Miami's Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates, is in trouble with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Why is the good doctor in trouble?  Because, says JTA, he
hired The Groggers, a Jewish punk-rock band, to write a song and make a music video that encourages plastic surgery in a bid to connect to a younger audience, ABC reported. Salzhauer, who is also known as "Dr. Schnoz," performed rhinoplasty on the band's lead singer, L.E. Doug Staiman.
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons called the promotion "offensive and inappropriate," the Huffington Post reported.
Apparently, the music video has raised questions about the Jewish plastic surgeon's ethics.  In his defense, Dr Salzhauer says
I wanted to create something no other plastic surgeon has done before. Rhinoplasty is my favorite and most desired procedure. I found a way to incorporate my work into a fun and creative way to attract more patients.
Abq Jew believes that adhering to ethical standards is, generally speaking, a pretty good idea.  And he takes no position whatsoever either for or against rhinoplasty, or most other activities involving rhinos.  Or plasty.

So - can't we just take it easy and have a bit of fun here?

Good Shabbos, Albuquerque!  Shabbat Shalom, New Mexico!

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