Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Be Happy!!! It's (Almost) Purim!!!

Staring with Megillah Mia:  Congregation Albert's "Megillah Mia" Purimspiel is poised to outrage Shushanites, Swedes, and those with good manners.

Wednesday     (that's today)     March 7 @ 6:30 pm

The ABBA-themed performance promises to take the songbook of Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn, and Anni-Frid to a new nadir.  It will be funny, though.  Admission is free.  Bring “attitude” and a gragger.  An Oneg with Hamentaschen will follow the performance.


You know that Megillat Esther is not a children's story, don't you?  There are more levels of meaning in Megillat Esther than Abq Jew can count.  

After the Messiah has come (may he come speedily, in our days) all the current Jewish holidays will be done away with, save one.  You guessed it - Purim.

Why will Purim be celebrated forever?  First of all, because Chapter 9 of Megillat Esther tells us so:
... these days should be remembered and kept throughout every generation, every family, every province, and every city; and that these days of Purim should not fail from among the Jews, nor the memorial of them perish from their seed.
But more importantly - Purim is eternal in order to reward those who maintain their faith in the Almighty even when He is hidden.  

God's name is never mentioned in Megillat Esther, yet the whole megillah that transpires - especially the good ending - is because of Him.

When you're ready to get serious about Purim, Abq Jew has just the book for you: The Queen You Thought You Knew, by Rabbi David Fohrman.

Rabbi Fohrman  traces the terminology of Megillat Esther back to its roots in - of all things - the Joseph story.  Abq Jew won't give away the deeper meaning of all this, but he will say - it's a good read.


And speaking of Joseph - Abq Jew wishes to remind you of the

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Sing-Along
Monday March 26            Wednesday April 4
6:00 pm NM Time             7:00 pm NM Time


Time is Running Out!
Hard to believe, but time is running out on a) Daylight Standard Time (we Spring Ahead to Daylight Saving Time at 1:00 Sunday morning); and on Gourmet to Go's location at 3000 San Pedro NE.
Gourmet to Go's new location will be 3400 Constitution NE, Suite D.  Same phone number: (505) 880-0057.  The move is scheduled for on or about Sunday, March 11.  Best you should call before you drive over.
In the meantime - Hamentaschen are available!


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