Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ahuva Batz Comes to B'nai Israel

Will Not Sing for Seder: Congregation B'nai Israel of Albuquerque is proud to announce that revered teacher, musician, and ritual leader Ahuva Batz has been engaged to lead this year's Hallel and Musaf services on the last two days of the Passover holiday.

Maestra Batz will also share in B'nai Israel's Erev Shabbat Pesach services.

Pesach 2015 with Ahuva Batz
Congregation B'nai Israel
Friday April 10 ~ 9:00 am
Friday April 10 ~ 6:00 pm
Saturday (Yizkor) April 11 ~ 9:00 am


Ahuva’s passion for Talmud, Torah and Tefilla (prayer) has blossomed into her work as a teacher and ritual leader.

She teaches cantillation and B’nai Mitzvah lessons, leads prayer and chants megillot at Tal Torah, a growing women’s Jewish studies center, and is a frequent prayer leader at Moreshet Yisrael, Jerusalem’s flagship Conservative synagogue.

Congregation Moreshet Yisrael is made up of English speaking olim and Israeli natives.
Locals and tourists fill the shul on weekdays, shabbatot, and chaggim.
The worldwide Friends-of-Moreshet network gives opportunity for Jews in all countries
to have membership in a captivating Israeli beit knesset.

Her music blends enchanting world-Jewish melodies with Israeli soul.

Ahuva Batz lives in Jerusalem, and enjoys the invigorating exchange flowing from her work with Israeli and U.S. spiritual communities.

Rabbi Arthur Flicker says

Ahuva is a dynamic energetic and creative singer
who brings prayer to life.
Plan to join us for services and enjoy
this special prayer leader.

Abq Jew searched all over YouTube and the Internet, but could not find an example of Ahuva's singing. So, to bring in some a capella (see Pizmon in Albuquerque) ruach before Pesach, here is Dayenu, the latest from the Maccabeats.
Originally formed in 2007 as Yeshiva University’s student vocal group, the Maccabeats have recently emerged as both Jewish music and a cappella phenomena, with a large fanbase, more than 20 million views on YouTube, numerous TV appearances, and three albums.

A Zissen Pesach, New Mexico!

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