Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Laugh with Ziggy

Michael “Ziggy” Danziger: Abq Jew knows for sure without a doubt that Michael “Ziggy” Danziger is a hilarious and versatile performer and comedy writer, because Ziggy says so on his website

Ziggy's website also tells us that Ziggy
has performed in clubs, at colleges, and for organizations all over and his smart comedy is a hit with all audiences. Michael is a past winner of Comedy Tennessee’s “Funniest Person in Memphis” and he’s the reigning “Funniest Jew in the Deep South.” (Seriously. There was  a contest.) 
He has taught comedy workshops for several schools and organizations and his original material appears in Alpha Books’ The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jokes  (Again... seriously). 
Oh, and he’s going to be a rabbi! Michael is in his 4th year of studies at Hebrew Union College and will be ordained next year.   
Rabbi and comedian... what could go wrong?!?

Yes, Ziggy's performance is a fundraiser.

The proceeds will benefit Congregation Albert and Jewish Community Foundation of New Mexico (JCFNM) Camp Scholarships.

Why camping? Rabbi Paul J Citrin has called Jewish camping
"one of the most powerful influences on shaping my Jewish identity, my passion for Judaism and the Jewish people"

Here is a forshbite (that's Yiddish for hors d'oeuvres, one of the most-looked-up words on the Internet) of what Ziggy's got in store for Albuquerque.

Happy Purim, World!

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