Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pizmon in Albuquerque

Perfect Pitch @ A Capella U: Yes, Abq Jew has raved about Pizmon before - first, in his now classic Rabbi School Dropout, and again in last month's About That Bush.

Well, Pizmon is (finally!) coming to Congregation B'nai Israel of Albuquerque!

Jewish A Capella
Congregation B'nai Israel
Shabbat Parah March 13-14
Community Concert Saturday 7:00 pm

In case you don't recall - the Pizmon website reminds us
Pizmon is the co-ed Jewish a cappella group from Columbia, Barnard, and the Jewish Theological Seminary. We share our passion for Jewish music and culture by engaging with communities across the globe. 
Our repertoire includes a variety of different genres, including liturgical pieces, Israeli rock and pop, Yiddish classics, and children's songs. 

Johanna Ginsberg recent wrote On campus, a perfect pitch for pluralism, a great article about Jewish a capella, for The New Jersey Jewish News, in which she explains
A cappella groups have exploded onto college campuses in the last two decades. Although singing in close harmony has long been a campus tradition (Yale’s Whiffenpoofs were founded in 1909), recent TV shows and movies have brought a cappella in from the margins to the mainstream. 
For Jewish groups on campuses — well over 1,000 according to a site devoted to Jewish a cappella — the choirs often act as surrogate Jewish communities. Students perform songs from the synagogue repertory, Israeli pop, Yiddish and Ladino classics, and contemporary hits with a parodic twist. 
For some, it’s a point of entry to the Jewish community. For others, it’s a window into forms of Judaism to which they have never been exposed. For all, it’s a way to connect to Jewish music.
She also provides "Milestones in four-part harmony," which starts with
1987: Pizmon, believed to be the first collegiate Jewish a cappella group, is established to serve students at Barnard, the Jewish Theological Seminary, and Columbia University in New York City. 

So what Abq Jew is saying here is -

Pizmon has yichus.

Here is Pizmon, talking and singing about their mission and what happens when they visit a Jewish community. .

Pizmon will be sharing in Family Shabbat Services at Congregation B'nai Israel on Friday March 13.

They'll also be sharing in B'nai Israel's Shabbat Morning Service on Saturday March 14.

And Pizmon will be presenting a

Family Concert
Congregation B'nai Israel
Saturday March 14
7:00 pm

Shabbat Parah
with Pizmon!

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