Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Storytelling @ Kavod New Mexico

With Maggid Ya'el Chaikind:  As he claimed in Got Midrash?, Abq Jew loves a good story.  Well, it turns out that Kavod New Mexico loves a good story, too.  And if you also love a good story - and appreciate a really good storyteller - then Kavod New Mexico is the place to be 

Saturday April 28 @ 5:00 pm 
Please register by Wednesday!
Kavod New Mexico says:
Stories are at the heart of our people.
They are the craft of our culture and our way of life. 

This Seudah Shlisheet, come hear stories, come share stories; come learn how to tell a story to engage and transform your listener. No experience necessary. Just add your open heart and your extra Shabbat soul to our community gathering. Please bring a notebook.

Our guide in this excursion of the heart is Maggid Ya'el Chaikind, currently of Santa Fe, professional storyteller, published author, and educator for social and spiritual change.
Her focus is "the integration of story, nature, and spirit as vehicles for sacred social change through education and transformation," and brings to all her endeavors energy, compassion, and a love for connecting people to their authentic voice through story. Ya'el weaves the magic of story and the art of storytelling into a rich, fun, and practical workshop. "Ta Sh'ma!" Come and hear!
 Click here for more information from Kavod New Mexico.

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