Monday, April 9, 2012

Perri Yellin @ 60

To the Love of My Life:  Today, April 9, 2012, Abq Jew's wife, Perri Yellin the Artist, has turned 60.  And she is not taking it well.

Abq Jew understands this.  After all, when he turned 60 just 1 year and 7 months ago, he went into a funk that lasted ... who remembers how long.

Most of the funk involves the twin questions of 1) what have I achieved in my life so far? and 2) how much time have I got left to do what I want to do with my life?

How much time does Perri have left?  Ad Mayah Ve-essrim! Biz a Hoondred oon Tzvuntzig!  The Social Security Administration suggests 25.3 more years.  But the truth is - we just don't know.

And what has Perri achieved so far?  Here is a brief synopsis of Perri's artistic achievements:

1974            Designed Wisconsin Telephone Directory Covers
1978-1986       Independent Fashion Consultant, CA, NJ
1987-1988       Decorating Consultant, Fabric Tree Inc.: 
                Organized new Home Decorating Fabrics Departments, NJ, NY, CT
1988-1992       Hand Painted Furniture and Home Accessories, NJ
2003-2010       Perri Yellin Art Studio Classes, NJ:
                Taught Various Media to Children and Adults
2003            Livingston Arts Association Exhibition
2003            North American Butterfly Association Art Contest,
                NJ: Honorable Mention, Publication in NABA Magazine

2006            Ridgewood Art Association Open Art
                Exhibition, NJ
2006-2007       Annual Perri Yellin Art Studio
                Exhibitions, NJ
2006-2010       Essex Fine Art Gallery, NJ
                The Great Frame Up Gallery, NJ
2007            Temple Beth Shalom Art Auction
2008-Present    CBL Fine Art, NJ: Retail
2008            Digital Mosaic Yearbook
2008-Present    Creation of
2008            9th Annual Gaelen Art Exhibition, NJ
2009            Temple Beth Shalom Spring Fair, NJ: Retail
2009-2011       Teanacious, NJ: Retail
2009-Present    www.New Mexico Creates: Museum of New Mexico Webstore
2010            Temple Beth Shalom Art Collection, NJ
2011            90th Anniversary Celebration Silent Auction, Bnai Israel, NM
2011            Bnai Israel Nursery School Silent Auction, NM
2010-Present    Arts Judaica Committee Chair, Temple Bnai Israel, NM: 
                Managed Art Collection, Designed Display Cases
2011            Albuquerque Chanukah Holiday Festival, NM: Retail
2012            Consuelo Luz Concert Fundraiser Silent Auction, NM
2012            Bnai Israel Nursery School Arts and Crafts Fair, NM: Retail

Abq Jew was always impressed with Perri's talent and drive, even when the list was shorter. And the list just keeps growing.  Furthermore, Abq Jew recognizes that he is married to a true artist: someone who must create, as many hours of the day as are available.

Perri's life - and therefore, the lives of Abq Jew and their children - were turned upside down a few years ago.  That's when Perri, an educated, trained, and gifted oil painter, discovered mosaics:
I’m now 6+ years into making mosaics, having been an oil painter most of my life. Mosaics have made the creative process much more exciting and enjoyable. I’m more aware of the mental and physical journey taken with each piece. My ideas frequently come from phrases I can’t get out of my head, and I’m inspired by the feel and look of the materials I use. I frequently find I’m sitting with piles of “stuff” and intuiting various uses before actually planning what to do. My work has also become 3-D, and sometimes mixed media.
I still believe in the beauty of art, and strive to have my work look wonderful as a whole. I crave a lot of visual stimulation, so my work is often very detailed in execution, with many parts forming the whole. These parts are meant to give the viewer continuing pleasure when explored as well as further insight into my ideas.
Much of my mixed media work is figurative. I like the incongruity of expressing voluptuous, mortal flesh with the hard permanence of glistening mosaic materials. The materials can be so staggeringly beautiful that the viewer gets caught up in this facade, forgetting the complexity of the women they describe. And that is the point.
Perri has also discovered that her unique artistic sensibility lends itself to making gorgeous jewelry.  But Perri's most precious jewels are our children. 

First, there is Dov Yellin the Film Editor.  Who last September married Jessica Robin Schnur the Surgeon.  Who are expecting their first child (Abq Jew's and Perri's first grandchild!), in August, kayna hara, G-d willing. 

And then there is Alex the Boston University Student, who possesses talents and drive that are all her own.

Both of our kids are (kayna hara) turning out OK.  And Abq Jew firmly recognizes that most of the credit for that goes to his wife, Perri Yellin the Artist, aka Perri Yellin the Eyshet Chayil.

So what is Abq Jew driving at here?  Longevity seems to be a combination of luck and good choices - but mostly, choosing your parents well. 

But living your life well - that's all about making good choices. Abq Jew is just saying that Perri Yellin the Artist, aka Perri Yellin the Love of My Life, has made very, very good choices.

G-d only knows what He has in store for us.  But Abq Jew hopes and prays that His plan involves many more years together.  Happy birthday, Perri!

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