Sunday, April 29, 2012

An Invitation to Piyut - האדרת והמונה

The Glory and the Faith:  Yesterday, Abq Jew had the pleasure of Shabbat davening with Rabbi Stephen Landau, of Kavod New Mexico, and a houseful of guests.  Those of you who know Rabbi Stephen also know that he teaches piyutim, old prayer-songs that may or may not have made it into our liturgy.

Yesterday, Rabbi Stephen introduced us to האדרת והמונה - HaAderet vihaEmunah, which we sang - to create and capture a mood for our Sabbath prayers.  Rabbi Stephen handed out song sheets, with the words - in Hebrew only.  But a translation into English?  You are invited to follow Abq Jew on this adventure.
  1. We start with Lexilogos - Hebrew Keyboard Online.  We click on each letter to enter the search term "האדרת והמונה".  Note: you don't have to understand Hebrew to do this!  Then we highlight the search term and do a Ctrl-C to copy it to the clipboard.
  2. Next stop, Google.  We do a Ctrl-V to paste the search term into Google, and - wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles! - Google automatically switches to a Hebrew interface and does its search.
  3. After that, if you don't know Hebrew, there could be a bit of trial and error.  But as it turns out, the first search result is for a site called Hazmana LiPiyut - An Invitation to Piyut.  And more!  Google directs us right to the page for האדרת והמונה - HaAderet vihaEmunah.  But if we go back to the Google search results, we see a link to Translate this page!  So here we go!
Now, Hazmana LiPiyut's page plays a nice, sweet version of האדרת והמונה - HaAderet vihaEmunah.  But if you want something a bit edgier - Google points us to this YouTube video.

!לא בּשׁמים היא
You can do this, too!

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