Thursday, July 25, 2013

Best of Abq 2013

Abq The Mag: Yes, voting is now underway for Albuquerque the Magazine's Best of City 2013 Survey. And yes, Abq Jew has three (no more, no less fewer) suggestions for you, his loyal readers, to consider.

Suggestion #1: Best Local Festival

Abq Jew strongly suggests that you cast your vote for:

As Abq Jew's friend, actor Ron Weisberg, points out:
Who else got the Redfords out here? Dalai Lama's personal musician that touched the spirit of every single listener? The list goes on. Vote now, and watch this festival just get bigger and better, transforming the center of this town! Who else?
Co-founders Ivan Wiener and Lainie "Sevante" Quirk must be commended and congratulated for their outstanding first year of AFME. And they must be enthusiastically and resoundingly encouraged to keep it going!

Suggestion #2: Best Blogger

Abq Jew strongly suggests that you cast your vote for:

As Abq Jew's friend, Rabbi Paul Citrin, points out:
The blog and website present a constantly creative and fresh look at the dynamic activities and personalities of the Albuquerque Jewish community. They are outstanding resources for Jews who reside in Albuquerque as well as for Jews who are considering relocating to our city. This unique, exciting blog / website combination well reflects the enchanting spirit of Albuquerque Jewry.
And more shameless self-promotion! Abq Jew further points out that:
  • The Abq Jew Blog gets more than 5,800 pageviews per month; almost 200 per day; more than 103,000 all-time
  • Each Abq Jew Blog post is syndicated to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Duke City Fix
  • The Alexa Traffic Rank is less than 750,000 - very competitive for the Albuquerque market
  • Google’s #1 search engine consistently produces high up on page 1
Suggestion #3: Best Whatever

Abq Jew strongly suggests that you cast your vote for Best: Humanitarian; Musician; Local Comedian;  Vegetarian Restaurant; Vegan Restaurant; Massage Therapist; Florist; Gun Shop; Pet Grooming; Car Wash; Staycation Spot - or whatever.

Please cast your vote before Thursday August 1!

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