Friday, March 29, 2013

History of Sephardic Jews (Reprise)

And the Formation of the United States:  The New Mexico Jewish Historical Society invites you to join anthropologist Dr Ron Duncan Hart as he explores The History of Sephardic Jews in the Formation of the United States.

 Sephardic Jews
& the Formation of the United States

Dr Ron Duncan Hart
Sunday March 31 ~ 2:30 pm
Albuquerque JCC

Reprise of Sunday March 17 ~ Santa Fe

Starting with the first 23 Jews who arrived to New Amsterdam by accident in 1654, the Jewish population in the United States for the next 150-200 years was largely Sephardic.

The early synagogues from New York to Philadelphia, Newport, Charleston, Savannah, and New Orleans were Sephardic. They played active roles in commerce, politics and thought in the early U.S. This talk will cover that history.

This is just one of the many events the New Mexico Jewish Historical Society has scheduled for the spring and summer.

You can check out the other events - and everything else Jewish happening in Albuquerque and beyond - on the Abq Jewish Events Calendar:

And while we're on the general topic - it's almost Shabbos!  And - it's almost the last two days of Pesach! 
Which means that we can all pack up the Pesachdik kitchenware at about 8:10 pm on Tuesday April 2. Please allow your rabbi sufficient time to buy back your chometz before rushing out for pizza.

To help us all slide in to the mood, here is the Andy Statman Trio (with Kenny Kosek of the Klezmer Mountain Boys) playing that old Shabbos niggun Ragtime Annie at NYC's Charles Street Synagogue (where, many years ago, Mr & Mrs Abq Jew used to daven).

Shabbat Shalom, Albuquerque!
Good Shabbos, New Mexico!
A Zissen Pesach, World!

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