Friday, March 1, 2013

Yom Limmud Comes to Santa Fe

Inaugural Event in March: For the first time, the Jewish Community of Northern New Mexico will come together for a day of study and celebration.

Yom Limmud 2013
A Day of Jewish Learning, Arts, and Culture
St. John’s College, Petersen Student Center
Sunday March 10 ~ 1:30 pm

Yom Limmud will feature keynote speaker Alan Morinis and a selection of eight fascinating speakers from northern New Mexico.

Plus time to schmooze with kosher refreshments.


Session I selections include:
  1. Kabbalah, Truth and Reality - Levi ben Shmuel
  2. In the Matter of Esau bar Isaac vs. Jacob and Rebekah - Victoria Erhart
  3. Sex, Dead Bodies, and the Mourning After - Rick Light
  4. The New Jewish “60″? Young Life, Mid-life or Old-Life? - Marie Seren Cohen, PhD
Session II selection include:
  1. Jews in Jails: Why We Might Care - Jane Davis, LMSW
  2. Council Process: Building Healthy, Diverse Jewish Communities - Rose Gordon
  3. The Life and Times of an Eshet Chayil: Gluckel of Hameln - Naomi Israel
  4. 5,000 Years in 50 Minutes: An Overview of the Development of Jewish Music - Jay Williams

The organizers of Santa Fe’s first Yom Limmud hope to make this event an annual occurrence. 

Yom Limmud is supported in part by the Jewish Federation of New Mexico in partnership with the Jewish Community Council of Northern New Mexico.

Click here to register ($18) online

 We are servants of the Holy One, Blessed Be He ....

Shabbat Shalom, Albuquerque!
Good Shabbos, New Mexico!

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