Monday, March 18, 2013

Netanyahu Waits for Obama

Israelis Couldn't Care Less: But before we get to that, here's a picture of Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli. Abq Jew will explain later.

OK, then. Moving on, Israel's reports in an Op-Ed that
Israelis indifferent to Obama visit
Lack of public interest particularly intriguing as US president
repeatedly urged to come to Israel 
President Obama's arrival is just around the corner, and apart from those in charge of the visit in government ministries and secret security agencies – there seem to be no fervent preparations or any special excitement ahead of the visit. It appears that the construction of the new coalition, the distribution of government portfolios and the upcoming Passover holiday with all its family and consumer-related aspects, are overshadowing the upcoming event. 
But you wouldn't know that from the Consulate General of Israel in New York. The CG reports that
President Obama to Receive Very Special Gift
The Declarations of Independence of the United States of America and the State of Israel, inscribed on a silicon chip affixed to a Jerusalem Stone dating to the Second Temple Period.
It's not uncommon for visiting heads of state to be greeted by wonderful banquets and an exchange of gifts. When President Obama arrives in Israel later this week, he will be getting a very special present designed by students of Israel's Technion.

The Technion, the very same institution that has partnered up with Cornell to build the new NYC Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island, has been working on a project that is about the width of two human hairs, but carries with it enormous symbolism.
Commissioned by Prime Minister Netanyahu, students at the Technion have designed a gold-coated 0.04 square-mm nano-chip with the Israeli and US declarations of independence, etched side-by-side to a depth of 0.00002 mm.
The declarations were etched using a focused beam of high energy gallium ions, on a chip that was affixed to a Jerusalem stone dating to the late Second Temple Period (1st century BCE to 1st century CE), that was used to seal clay vessels that held liquids and spices. The gift was developed at the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute at the Technion. 
Meanwhile, back in New Jersey, the New York Post reports that
‘Bomb’ bozo busted after scare at Newark
An Israeli tourist set off a massive security panic at Newark Airport and grounded a plane to Miami yesterday after his family was bumped from a flight and he angrily threatened to create a bomb scare, officials said.

Eran Hess was charged with “creating a false public alarm” after he allegedly flew into a rage at a United Airlines counter and started a chain of events that put security on high alert and delayed travelers for hours.
But no worries! Things in Israel are really OK! Abq Jew is certain of this, for The Times of Israel reports that
Clip reimagines Obama as Aladdin
Online parody rewrites Disney movie to celebrate and satirize
US president’s impending visit to Israel
The music sounds familiar, but the lyrics — a takeoff on Disney’s “Aladdin” — definitely don’t.

Hebrew speakers have been doing a double take since Wednesday as they’ve watched a new online clip inspired by the 1992 movie.
The video, a parody tied to President Obama’s trip to Israel next week, rewrites the words to the song “Prince Ali.” Instead of featuring the arrival of Aladdin (disguised as the prince) at the Sultan’s palace, the scene now trumpets the visit by “President Barack” to Israel.

Creator Yuval Binder is so good at vocal imitation it’s impossible to tell exactly where he’s inserted his own voice over the original Hebrew dubbing, provided by legendary Israeli comic actor Tuvia Tzafir.
Now, Abq Jew's Israeli Hebrew is not that good anymore. But this video is still a hoot!

But at last, let's get back to Bar Refaeli. Once again, The Times of Israel reports that
Bar’s pro-Israel ad irks army
In letter to Foreign Ministry, IDF spokesman says supermodel’s
lack of military service sets a bad example
The IDF Spokesperson’s Office sent an official letter to the Foreign Ministry on Sunday night, criticizing the latter’s use of supermodel Bar Refaeli in a new PR campaign to boost Israel’s image around the world.

The supermodel irked some Israelis and created controversy in 2003 when she opted not to finish her compulsory military service by marrying a family acquaintance whom she divorced soon after — a perceived slight some of her countrymen and women have still not forgiven. At the time, Refaeli stated that army service would interfere with her modeling career.

Refaeli was chosen last month to star in a new series of campaigns that aim to show Israel’s technological and innovative side.
Wait a minute! Abq Jew hears you cry. If you're gonna talk about Bar Refaeli here - the penultimate paragraphs in this blog post - why did you put her picture at the top?

To which
Abq Jew replies: Does he really have to explain this? 

Purim 'til it's Pesach!

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