Sunday, July 29, 2012

Comfort: Israel Flyover

 Comfort, O Lord our God

the mourners of Zion, and the mourners of Jerusalem, and the city that is in mourning, laid waste, despised and desolate; in mourning for that she is childless, laid waste as to her dwellings, despised in the downfall of her glory, and desolate through the loss of her inhabitants: she sits with her head covered like a barren woman who has not borne.

Legions have devoured her; worshippers of strange gods have possessed her: they have put your people Israel to the sword, and in wilfulness have slain the loving ones of the Most High. Therefore let Zion weep bitterly, and Jerusalem give forth her voice.

O my heart, my heart! how it grieves for the slain! For You, O Lord, did consume her with fire; and with fire You will in future restore her, as it is said,
As for Me, I will be unto her, says the Lord, a wall of fire round about, and I will be a glory in the midst of her. 

Blessed are You, O Lord, who comforts Zion and rebuilds Jerusalem.

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