Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Baseball! Hot Dogs! Happy 4th of July!

Now Batting:

 Jay Satenspiel
 Regional VP @ Ovations Food Services
The Man
Who Brought
Hebrew National
100% Beef Kosher Hot Dogs

Albuquerque's Isotopes Park

Baseball lovers! Hot dog lovers! This is the guy we gotta thank for making it a real mechaya to watch the Albuquerque Isotopes play! Even when they lose - we win!

Jay is a graduate of Baldwin High School on Long Island (wouldn't you know) - and he's certainly come a long way since then.

He joined Ovations in 1999 (when they had 3 accounts) and helped open Isotopes Park in 2003.

In 2005, Jay briefly left Ovations - but took the opportunity to work at Detroit's Ford Field (home of the Lions & Super Bowl XL); Chicago's Wrigley Field; and the Las Vegas (NV) Motor Speedway.

Ovations Food Services welcomed Jay back in 2008. These days, Ovations has over 100 accounts. But Jay (we hope) will be staying in Albuquerque, where he is in charge of not only the Hebrew National Hot Dog cart, but, in fact, all food served at Isotopes Park.

So, Abq Jew is sure you readers want to know - why Hebrew National? The main reason, Jay says, is "no heartburn."

But really ... Jay heard through a friend that Hebrew National wanted to expand out West. So he called them up and said "Get me a cart! We'll try it."

The rest, as they say, is history.  The Hebrew National cart is among the most popular at Isotopes Park. Jay is even thinking about adding another, so fans don't have to walk quite so far to get premium, 100% beef, kosher hot dogs. With trimmings.

Premium is the key term, says Jay. As it turns out - all the hot dogs sold at Isotopes Park, each and every one, are 100% beef. But Hebrew National is, as Jay puts it, "a premium dog."  Sort of like Abq Jew's greyhounds, Henry and Belle. Lehavdil. (At our house, "hot dogs" are referred to as "sausages.")

Quality and value - that's what Jay is going for. He's got five managers working for him, and a team - another key word - of customer service experts working for them. And no turkeys in the bunch, says Jay. "You can't hire turkeys if you want to soar like eagles."

Yeah, sounds like hype. But when Abq Jew visited Jay "at the office," he saw how Jay and his people greeted and treated each other. Maybe Jay's got something here.

And in the meantime - we've got hot dogs!

The 'Topes are back at 6:05 tonight for a game against the Round Rock Express - to be followed by the carefully managed traditional 4th of July fireworks. Enjoy! Say hi to Jay!

Photo by Kyle Hartsock


Syd & Lea said...

W want to say that his Aunt and Uncle are very proud of him. We just saw the article and it made us light up with pride. Jay was and will be a very hard worker. When he puts his mind to something it come to fruition.

Anonymous said...

Mazel tov. And you are welcome to visit the Lexington, KY Legends baseball team, along with our Kosher dogs!