Thursday, June 6, 2013

AFME Presents: The World is Funny

One More Film of Jewish Interest: The Albuquerque Film & Media Experience is proud to present:

The World is Funny
Nominated for 15 Israeli Academy Awards
Sunday June 9 ~ 2:00 pm
UNM SUB Theater

The World is Funny - Israel's box-office hit of 2012, nominated for a record 15 Israeli academy awards - is a complex allegory on Israeli society, far away from news headlines.

Set in provincial sunny Tiberias, the central characters are estranged siblings who have endured childhood abandonment only to face new challenges in adulthood: a widower (Dani Shteg) whose older son has just awakened from a lengthy coma; a radio producer (Elli Finish) and his terminally-ill Russian girlfriend (Ola Schor-Selektar); and a travel agent (Assi Levi) whose daughter was killed in an army accident.

These stories are gradually knitted together, resulting in an emotional climax.

Purchase tickets here at Hold My Ticket. View the trailer here.

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