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Winter / Spring 2013 @ OASIS Abq

Great Courses @ OASIS:  You know about OASIS, right?  Abq Jew has featured OASIS Albuquerque on several occasions, and lists OASIS Abq courses of Jewish interest on his Learn/FiftyPlus page.

OASIS (as stated on the organization's website) is

 ... a unique educational program for adults age 50-plus who want to learn, grow and explore new ideas. We promote successful aging through lifelong learning, health programs and volunteer engagement. OASIS Albuquerque has just announced their Winter / Spring 2013 line-up of classes.

Registration is now open.

As usual, Executive Director Michael Nutkiewicz has made sure there are plenty of courses of Jewish interest.  This session's courses and instructors include:

Here I Am - No I'm Not! A Look at Moses & Jonah
Wed 06 February 2013 @ 10:30 am - #74

Instructor:  Deborah Brin
What It Is:  How are we to respond to the demands of our world and our own lives? Is Moses' response, "Here I am" right? Or how about Jonah's response, "Not me, I'm out of here"? In this class we will explore some biblical texts relating to Moses and Jonah to see what we can learn from how these two prophets responded to the Divine call.

The Magic & Mystery of e e cummings
Thu 07 February 2013 @ 10:30 am - #43
Instructor:  Norma Libman
What It Is:   One of the most intriguing poets of the early 19th century is e e cummings. We will look at his life as a writer and artist in a time of great cultural change in America. How did those changes influence his art? And did his unique take on the world influence other writers of his time? We will also decode his poetry so lines such as "next to of course god america i..." come into meaningful focus.

Human Free Will According to Religion & Science
Thu 14 & 21 February 2013 @ 10:30 am - #75
Instructor:  Paul J Citrin
What It Is:  There is much debate today over the question of whether humans truly have free will or are merely products of the way our brains have evolved. Using religious texts from around the world as well as some of the latest scientific research, we will seek a foundation on which to build our own conclusions.

Belief vs Behavior: a Christian Dilemma
Tue 19 February 2013 @ 10:30 am - #77
Instructor:  Hugh Horan
What It Is: Orthodoxy (right belief) is the core of Christianity, while orthopraxis (right behavior) serves as the basis for most other religions. Judaism speaks mainly of halakha, Islam of sharia -- both signifying the steps or path to take in daily life. By contrast, Christianity speaks more of creeds, things to believe. This has consequences: behavior can be observed, but articles of faith cannot always be proven. How did this difference emerge, and are there any signs of change today?

Ashes to Ashes, Dust in Your Face: Cremation & Comedy
Tue 19 February 2013 @ 1:00 pm - #11
Instructor:  Gail Rubin
What It Is: Everything you wanted to know about cremation and life planning but were afraid to ask! Gail Rubin, author of A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don't Plan to Die, teams with Merri Rudd, the author of New Mexico's self-authorization cremation law. Watch funny film clips, ask questions, laugh and learn!

Marriage & Divorce in the Old Testament
Wed 20 February 2013 @ 10:30 am - #78
Instructor:  Hilary Lipka
What It Is:  How is married women's sexuality treated in the Old Testament, and what can it tell us about what their lives might have been like in ancient Israel? Who was able to initiate divorce, and what would a woman's prospects be like after a divorce? We will answer these questions through close reading of biblical texts, focusing on what they reveal about societal attitudes towards and expectations of both married and divorced women regarding their sexuality.

Hello, Jerry! The Music World of Jerry Herman
Wed 20 February 2013 @ 1:00 pm - #54
Instructor:  Jane Ellen
What It Is:  "When they passed out talent," legendary actress Carol Channing said, "Jerry stood in line twice." Composer and lyricist Jerry Herman (1931- ) is responsible for some of Broadway's most enduring hits: Mame, La Cage aux Folles, and Hello, Dolly! His works belong to the Golden Age of Broadway musicals and can often be construed as overly optimistic; however, each one carries a timeless message of humanity's ability to triumph over despair, hatred, and prejudice.

One Million Bones - Studio Workshop
Wed 13 March 2013 @ 1:00 pm - #7
Instructor:  Susan McAllister
What It Is:  A studio workshop with One Million Bones, a project which utilizes hands-on art to raise awareness of genocides and humanitarian crises around the world. After a brief presentation, participants may join in discussion of situations in South Sudan, Sudan, Congo, Somalia, and Burma. During the conversation, everyone makes a replica human bone out of clay. These bones will be combined with others made by participants across the world and displayed on the National Mall in Washington, DC in June 2013.

The French Revolution, Napoleon, & the Jews
Tue 02 April (Pesach Day 8) 2013 @ 10:30 am - #36
Instructor:  Michael Nutkiewicz
What It Is:  The French Revolution set out to establish a constitutional democracy for all inhabitants of France. Yet the authors of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen asked whether Jews should be included as free citizens. When Napoleon came to power he submitted twelve questions to Jewish leaders to judge whether Jews were "ready" to enter the modern world. We will discuss the process of Jewish emancipation in the wake of the French Revolution.

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