Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Scribe's Eye View

Sifrei Torah @ Nahalat Shalom:  If you've ever wondered what goes into making and maintaining a kosher Sefer Torah, this is your chance to find out.

Congregation Nahalat Shalom invites you to meet scribe / sofer Rabbi Kevin Hale, after he has examined their Sifrei Torah. Join him in looking in theirTorah scrolls and learn about them through his eyes. Get up close and personal with Nahalat Shalom's Sifrei Torah and the sofer's tools of the trade.

Rabbi Kevin Hale
Congregation Nahalat Shalom
Thursday January 10 ~ 6:30 pm

Donation Requested:  $5 members / $10 community

Rabbi Kevin Hale is a Sofer STaM, a traditionally trained Torah scribe who spends his days evaluating, repairing and writing Torah, Tefillin, and Megillot. 

He and his family reside in Leeds (Northampton), where, years ago, he was the first Rabbi for the young Beit Ahavah congregation.

Ordained in 1997, Rabbi Hale's scribal mentor was Rabbi Eric Ray, z"l a world-renowned sofer, artist and authority on the provenance of Torah scrolls.

In his work as a sofer, and as director of the Ray Torah Institute, Rabbi Hale is committed to continuing Rabbi Ray's work, his dedication to scribal excellence and to the integrity of our sacred scribal tradition.

Abq Jew had the honor and pleasure of meeting Rabbi Eric Ray z"l many years ago, when he came to examine and repair the Sifrei Torah of Temple Beth Ahm in Aberdeen, New Jersey. A wonderful man, a sheyner Yid. May Rabbi Hale follow in his footsteps!

Note: Abq Jew has taken the liberty of emending some of the text here. Back in the old days - right after the Book of Exodus was published - Abq Jew was taught to say "Sifrei Torah", not "Torahs". There is only one Torah.

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