Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Get Ed-JEW-cated in 2013!

Lifelong Learning at Congregation Albert:  Congregation Albert's Lifelong Learning Offerings for the Second Semester 2013 / 5773  have just been announced, and Abq Jew's got 'em!

Lifelong Learning at Congregation Albert includes informal learning; classes and learning sessions; and several special events.

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Tammy Kaiser, Director of Lifelong Learning
education@congregationalbert.org    (505) 883-0306 

Informal Learning

Saturday Morning Torah Study
Congregation Albert holds Saturday Morning Torah Study, an informal Torah Study program - usually led by Rabbi Rosenfeld or Cantor Finn - every Shabbat morning at 9:00 am.  The Torah Portion (parasha) for that Shabbat is usually the topic of study.

Saturday Afternoon Torah Study
Congregation Albert holds Saturday Afternoon Torah Study, a lay-led informal program, on the first Shabbat of every month at 1:30 pm.  The Torah Portion (parasha) for the following Shabbat is usually the topic of study.

Open Mind
Open Mind meets monthly at noon for lunch, a speaker and discussion of the day’s topic. A light lunch is available for $4.00, but attendees may also bring their own lunch or just come to hear the speaker. Open Mind welcomes participation from all.

Tea & Talmud
Tea and Talmud with Rabbi Rosenfeld. No prior knowledge of Talmud or Hebrew required.

Classes & Learning Sessions

Hebrew Refresher - Tammy Kaiser, Director of Lifelong Learning
This class is for those who have finished Hebrew 1 and who require a brief refresher before beginning Hebrew 2. This class is also appropriate for anyone who did not take Hebrew 1, and requires the basic decoding skills to enter Hebrew 2.

A Taste of Judaism: Are You Curious? - Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld 
This class is designed for people who have limited or no Jewish background but are interested in learning about Judaism. Many participants are unaffiliated Jews who don’t feel that they know much about their religion, the adult children of interfaith couples, non-Jews who are interested in learning more about Judaism, and partners in interfaith relationships.

Hebrew 2: Aleph Isn't Enough - Tammy Kaiser, Director of Lifelong Learning  
This class is the second step in a program of Hebrew learning for adults. Students will be empowered to learn Hebrew, focusing on the Hebrew that they use most frequently: that of the siddur, the Haggadah, and the Bible. Students will continue reading practice and writing exercises as well as solidify reading ability, enhance vocabulary, increase familiarity with roots, and develop translation skills.

Ra'ayanot: Ideas in Judaica - Rabbi Paul Citrin 
The topic of the first four session of this seminar course will be "Vayinafash - Jewish Ideas on Re-Creating Our Lives."  Rabbi Citrin will present an initial study and discussion session on the topic along with some bibliography. In the following sessions two members of the seminar will each offer a short paper (2-5 pages) on some aspect of the theme for discussion. The nature of this experience necessitates limiting enrollment to twelve people.

Plus Special Events!

Snapshot Shabbat Gallery Opening @ Sun 20 January 2013 @ 10:00 am
Join Snapshot Shabbat participants as they feature their work in this innovative program developed by Congregation Albert using digital photography and Photo Voice methodology. This program enables congregants to get a glimpse into individual Shabbat observance through photography. Armed with cameras, congregants documented their Shabbat experiences wherever they were!
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