Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Sara Koplik Moment

Kosher Easter Bunny: Moment Magazine, for many years one of Abq Jew's favorite Jewish publications, has recognized Albuquerque Jew Sara Koplik for her academic achievements, social activism, and powerful advocacy on behalf of the New Mexico Jewish community.

Way to go, Sara!

Well ... that's not exactly true. But Sara did send in this here photo of a Kosher Easter Bunny that she found for sale somewhere in Duke City - with the tag line

An essential part of any Easter basket.

And Moment published her photo in their March-April 2014 Special Anti-Semitism Issue's last-page Spice Box, wherein are published all sorts of Judaica curiosita.

Moment also published (for example) an advertisement for Matzo Pizza (Hold the pepperoni!), submitted by Paula Miller of East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Matzo Pizza (left); Machu Picchu (right)

Abq Jew always gets Matzo Pizza confused with the City of the Incas, although you can clearly see the difference.

Sara's Kosher Easter Bunny is, by the way, certified as kosher by Kosher Supervision of America (KSA), which promotes themselves (and why shouldn't they?) as

The largest, recognized and accepted, Orthodox kosher certification agency based in the western United States.

OK ... Abq Jew knows what you're going to ask next.

Why would a kosher certification agency
certify the kashrut of an Easter bunny?

To which Abq Jew must respond (he must, he must)

Why not? Business is business.

To support this claim, Abq Jew and KSA point you to the recent Forbes article

OK ... Abq Jew knows what you're going to ask next.

Where is the market for a kosher Easter bunny?

To which Abq Jew must respond (he must, he must) that it's

An essential part of any Purim basket.

Happy Purim, World!

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