Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Every Day, In Every Way Is Getting Better And Better:  Actually, this turns out to be true.  Perhaps not every day, but most days, Abq Jew does some work on the website.

This statement ("Tous les jours, a tous points de vue, je vais de mieux en mieux.") of Emile Coué (1857-1926), French psychologist and pharmacist, is particularly true today.

Abq Jew has added new pages, new information, and new graphics - as well as fixing misplaced text and broken links.

This has undoubtedly been a moving experience for some of your favorite spots - but, all in all, Abq Jew thinks it was worth the effort.

If you haven't visited recently - and even if you have - now would be a good time.  Just sayin'.

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