Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Queen Esther Obsession

Purim is Forever: Can't get enough of Purim? Our Sages Of Blessed Memory (חז״ל) couldn't either. In fact, the Orthodox Union (OU) tells us:
Actual Photo of Queen Esther
from the Abq Jew Archives
Our Sages teach that when the Messiah arrives the festivals will cease to be observed, but Purim will continue to be observed.
The Midrash derives this unusual conclusion from a statement in Megillat Esther:
The memory of Purim will never cease from among their descendants.
And, as it fortunately turns out, noted Albuquerque author Naomi Sandweiss (Jewish Albuquerque 1860 - 1960) can'r get enough of Purim either.

Actual Photo of Naomi Sandweiss
from the Abq Jew Archives
Naomi will be leading a session of Open Mind at Congregation Albert this Thursday:

The Queen Esther Obsession
Congregation Albert
Thursday Feb 28 @ Noon

Please call Janice Goodman (821-9302) today if you'd like to reserve a lunch. Or you can bring your own and just come for the talk.

Queen Esther was considered a model of womanhood by Jews and non-Jews in 16th - 17th century Italy. Come find out why.

Open Mind is just one of the programs presented by Lifelong Learning at Congregation Albert!

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