Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pesach Watch 2013 Begins!

How Can You Tell When Pesach is Coming?  Yes, Abq Jew covered this exciting event last year, in the now classic blog post Pesach Watch Begins! 
If you're thinking "Pesach is coming when the flowers begin to blossom" - nope, not in this age of Global Warming.  Flowers began doing their thing weeks ago.  And if you're thinking "Pesach is coming when the winds finally die down" - nope, the winds are still blowing.
But that was last year. And now, Abq Jew is here again to tell you that Pesach is indeed coming!  How can he tell?

Here are a few signs that Pesach is coming:

1.  The first Albuquerque sighting of Pesach food is reported.  This year, it was Rabbi Arthur Flicker of Congregation B'nai Israel, who emailed Abq Jew on February 12 with the news that the Smith's at Constituion and Carlisle has started to assemble what in past years has become (thanks to Rabbi Flicker's efforts) the Mother Lode of Passover Food. Available now: matzah, macaroons, and grape juice. Way more to come! 

Last year, the first sighting took place on February 27 (4 Adar). This year, February 12 corresponds to 2 Adar. That's an extra 2 days before Purim, and almost as early as the ShopRite in Livingston, New Jersey, which raises Abq's Pesachdikity a few points.

2.  Abq Jew opens up his Pesach Watch page.

3.  Abq Jew moves his Pesach Countdown Timer from his Calendar and Pesach Watch pages (where it perennially resides) to his Home page. Right at the top.

Now the only question is: Will the hamentaschen that Whole Foods on Wyoming traditionally orders for Pesach (you read that right) arrive in time for Purim?

Be Happy!!  It's Adar!!
Once Adar begins, our joy increases!

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