Monday, January 23, 2012

Consuelo Luz Lights Up B'nai Israel

Songs of the Sephardim:  Last night, the lucky attendees of Congregation B'nai Israel's "Big Event" were treated - and Abq Jew means treated - to a wonderful, spellbinding performance by noted singer / songwriter Consuelo Luz, who appeared in trio with Joaquin Gallegos (guitar) and Nelson Denman (cello).

To quote from Ms Luz's web bio:
Through song, an exploration of history from the Sephardic (Judeo-Hispanic) perspective and with her own rich, personal history, Luz brings to life an expanded view of our world and the political, cultural and spiritual forces that have brought us to this perilous and exciting time of transformation.
Abq Jew must also report: the dinner was excellent in its preparation and exquisite in its service; the wine was outstanding; and the dessert (from all reports) was of sufficient chocolate to make it ... really good.  In fact, there was no aspect of the evening that was not superlative.

And Abq Jew must also say a word about flamenco guitarist Joaquin Gallegos:  WOW!

To console those who missed this gala, and to again reward those who attended - here is a video clip of Consuelo Luz in concert at the Lensic Theater, singing Mar de Leche.  Ms Luz is accompanied by guitarist Joaquín Gallegos and percussionist Camilo Quiñones.  Enjoy!

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