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Fall 2016 @ OASIS Abq

Great Courses @ OASIS:  Abq Jew is pleased to announce that

OASIS Albuquerque has just announced
their Fall 2016 line-up of classes!
Registration opens on
Wednesday September 7
but you can Wish List your selections now.


The mission of OASIS (as stated on the organization's website) is

To promote healthy aging through a three-fold approach: lifelong learning, healthy living
and social engagement. 
OASIS Albuquerque Executive Director Kathleen Raskob continues to work enthusiastically to bring you new and interesting class offerings, and continues to make sure there are plenty of courses of Jewish interest. This session's courses and instructors include but are by no means limited to:

Tom & Jerry: Discovering Simon & Garfunkel
Mon 19 Sep 2016  @ 1:00 pm - #70
Instructor: Jane Ellen
What It Is: As kids they appeared in a production of Alice  in Wonderland together; in high school they performed as Tom & Jerry, reaching #49 on the  national music charts. But it wasn’t until the 1960s, after a lot of false starts, that this duo began to find their niche together in the vanguard of the Greenwich Village music scene. Simon and Garfunkel touched the hearts of a generation and continue to do so, both together and individually.

Courage & Humanity: Righteous Gentiles During the Holocaust
Wed 21 Sep 2016  @ 10:30 am - #50
Instructor: Noel Pugach
What It Is: Previous classes in this series explored the inhumanity, brutality, hatred, death, and destruction of the Nazi Final Solution as well as the suffering of Jews during the Holocaust and the indifference of the rest of the world. This class focuses on the humanity, courage, determination, and imagination of those who rescued Jews during the Shoah. They were a very diverse group that cut across national, religious, and social class lines. Many were ordinary people. Their stories and exploits are examined.

The Power of Words
Wed 19 Oct 2016  @ 10:30 am - #102
Instructor: Harry Rosenfeld
What It Is: In a world of instant communication, words have more power than ever before. With the increasing use of hate speech in public and the incivility we exhibit in our interactions, are there ethical guidelines we can follow to respond to what we hear and help us compose our own words? Learn to channel your expressions to create communication, not discord.

Mabel Dodge Luhan: From New York to Taos
Fri 21 Oct 2016  @ 10:30 am - #129
Instructor: Norma Libman
What It Is: When Mabel Dodge Luhan came to Taos in 1917, most of the rest of the world had never heard of the place. She brought dozens of early 20th century intellectuals and artists to New Mexico and transformed Taos into a hub for artists and writers. Norma Libman discusses Luhan’s early life, why she moved to New Mexico, and how she put Taos on the artistic map. Along the way, meet some of her friends and see how she interacted with the local population, especially Tony Luhan.

Four Alsatian Jewish Families Shape Albuquerque 
Mon 24 Oct 2016 [Shemini Atzeret]  @ 10:30 am - #53
Instructor: Noel Pugach
What It Is: Among the shapers of Albuquerque’s commercial life in the irst half of the 20th century were four Jewish families that emigrated from Alsace, the province that had been part of France and Germany. They were the Mandells, Dreyfusses, Benjamins, and Weillers and they were tied together by their  business activities, Jewish faith, and marriage  connections. In this class, Noel Pugach reviews their  contributions and impact on the city’s development, cultural life, and religious identity.

The Book of Jonah Revisited
Thu 27 Oct 2016  @ 10:30 am - #104
Instructor: Shlomo Karni
What It Is: Jonah’s story in the Bible has the familiar narrative of repentance and forgiveness. Alongside it, a subtext powerfully describes the (flawed) personality of a messenger of God. Read and critically discuss both aspects of this story. (Reading material will be distributed in class).

Viktor Frankl & Our Search for Meaning
Tue 22 Nov 2016  @ 1:00 pm - #107
Instructor: Charles Eaton
What It Is: Viktor Frankl, psychiatrist, neurologist, and Holocaust survivor, wrote Man’s Search for Meaning, one of the most influential books of the  20th century. Charles Eaton examines Frankl’s life experiences and his approach to finding meaning in life, presents concrete examples of lives that have been changed and transformed by Frankl’s method, and shares practical strategies to enrich and maximize the meaning, quality, and purpose of our lives.

New Mexico’s Struggle for Statehood, 1850-1912
Thu 8 Dec 2016  @ 10:30 am - #131
Instructor: Richard Melzer
What It Is: It took New Mexico 62 years to achieve statehood. The presentation focuses on the five main reasons for this long delay, using anecdotes and political cartoons from the era to illustrate each point. The presentation also explains how each of these main obstacles was initially overcome by January 6, 1912, making New Mexico the 47th state in the Union.

Barbra Streisand: American Legend
T 8 Dec 2016  @ 1:00 pm - #84
Instructor: Jane Ellen
What It Is: Singer, songwriter, ilmmaker, actress, and activist, Barbra Streisand is one of the most commercially and critically successful entertainers in history. From her earliest beginnings as a teenager dressed in thrift shop clothes, few could have imagined that she would become one of the most powerful women in Hollywood. Come revisit the songs and ilms that have propelled Barbra Streisand into the annals of entertainment history, making her a legend in her own time.

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