Friday, August 26, 2016

Be Someone Else

The Modern Synagogue: Who, Abq Jew asks you, is the most important person in your synagogue? (Yes, this sort of assumes that you have a synagogue; but, for the purpose of instruction, any non-profit organization will do.)

You may think that the most important person is the rabbi or the cantor. Or the president. Or perhaps the treasurer. Or the office manager.

But Cincinnati's Temple Sholom knows exactly who their most important person is:

Someone Else Editorial Assistant Joanna Valente recently wrote:
This Hilarious Video Reveals the Most
Important Person in Every Synagogue 
You know you say every year that you’ll get more involved with your synagogue, and then you never do? 
Well, Temple Sholom in Cincinnati has addressed this issue of “doing it tomorrow/next year” in a parody video that is spot on. 
The video is full of tongue-in-cheek, witty humor that is hard not to appreciate, especially considering all of the jokes hit home. 
It’s not mean-spirited in the slightest, but definitely gets at the heart of every busy family’s problem: not making enough time…and then leaving something to “someone else.” 
It turns out that Temple Sholom has produced an entire video series titled The Modern Synagogue - which you can view here and here.

Do you love your synagogue?
Do you hate your synagogue?

Abq Jew strongly recommends that everyone who loves
their synagogue - and everyone who hates their synagogue -
pay attention to what these videos talk about
and how their message is conveyed.

And now: Be Someone Else. But first - let's roll the credits:

Melanie Hartong, Someone Else
Jackie Baker, PR Manager at Cincinnati Jewish Ferderation
Miriam Terlinchamp, Rabbi & Writer
Aaron Max Bilgrad (The, Writer, Director & Editor

Shabbat Shalom, Albuquerque!
Good Shabbos, New Mexico!

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