Sunday, December 13, 2015

One Giving Tree

Peace, Love, Understanding - and Respect: Why is one Christmas tree with teddy bears at Albuquerque's La Cueva High School such a big deal?

Abq Jew grew up in a time when Christmas trees and Christmas music were abundantly on display in public schools. 
When he had to sing Christmas songs in class, mouthing (but never pronouncing) the "Jesus Christ"s in the lyrics. 
Abq Jew certainly does not want to go back to that. He wants Jewish (and all non-Christian) kids to feel safe and at home in their own schools.
And he has learned through the years that rights not exercised ultimately do not exist.
This is not about one misplaced Christmas tree. This is about the right of non-Christians to feel welcome in Albuquerque.
And yet - Abq Jew kvells when he sees Hanukkah menorahs lit in public places. How far we have come!
And he also has been known to walk blocks out of his way to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center - because it is beautiful!
But shouldn't we be planting trees,
instead of cutting them down?

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