Friday, October 24, 2014

Shimon Peres Looks for Work

Let's Hear It for Shimi P! The news this week - the first full week after a series of Too Many Yontifs - seems to have gone from bad to worse.

That's no way to enter the realm of Shabbat Menuchah, Sabbath Peace.

So. Gary Rosenblatt, Editor and Publisher of The Jewish Week, reminded Abq Jew that humor can solve many, if not, alas, all, problems. In a nice article about Israel's ex-President, Shimon Peres.
The world has long known that Shimon Peres has a talent for statesmanship, having been a national leader in public service for some seven decades. Now we find out he has a sense of humor, too. 
A five-minute video conceived by his screenwriter-humorist granddaughter, Mika Almog, and a group of artist friends, depicts Peres, 91, as a man looking for a job, having stepped down as president of Israel this summer. 
With a clever premise, first-rate production and some subtle messages of substance, it has gone viral since its release two weeks ago with 600,000 YouTube views at last count.
So here is the video. And remember:

You are as great as the cause that you serve,
and as young as your dreams.

Shabbat Shalom, Albuquerque!
Good Shabbos, New Mexico!

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