Thursday, April 24, 2014

Holocaust Day Remembrance

Yom HaShoah Observance: This year, there will be several ways in which to observe Yom HaShoah (Sunday sundown through Monday night) in Albuquerque. Here are the first two events, scheduled for this weekend.

Ani Ma'amin

Ani Ma’amin (Hebrew for “I Believe”) is a powerful and thought-provoking modern dance piece exploring the impact of the Holocaust on American Jews.

Choreographed by Shira Greenberg, the 85-minute piece runs with no intermission.

Five dancers recreate the experiences and themes expressed by multiple generations, beginning pre-war and culminating at the present-day.

Dynamic and emotional movement is threaded together with poetry and video testimonies from Holocaust survivors and children of survivors, with footage compiled from the University of Southern California’s Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education.

All performances are followed by a Q&A audience discussion session to provide an avenue for the community of performers and audience members to process and discuss the work while exploring their reactions to the event and the intense subject matter.

Due to the intense nature of the piece, parental guidance is suggested for children under 13.

Click here for tickets.

Walk of Remembrance

For the first time (since Abq Jew has been in New Mexico), there will be a Holocaust Remembrance Day Walk in Albuquerque.

The walk will start at 1:00 pm in front of UNM's Dane Smith Hall, and will finish at the Duck Pond.

The approximate distance between the start and finish is 1.5 miles.This is in remembrance of the distance that many Jews walked to their death, and some to their liberation.

There is a parking structure on 601 Yale Blvd, Albuquerque, NM 87131 that is a short distance from Dale Smith Hall. But it's not free on Sunday!

However, we are allowed to park for free in any lot on campus or on the streets within the campus as long as it does not say RESERVED.

Feel free to bring your Israeli flags to wave high and proud! Feel free to bring banners or posters to carry, and candles to carry throughout the walk!

The organizer of this Holocaust Remembrance Day Walk is Samara Miller, a 20-year-old CNM student who came up with and is implementing this idea largely by herself.

Samara told Abq Jew:
When I first started [CNM] I had a class full of people that had never heard about the Holocaust. 
For my final, I actually had the opportunity to interview two survivors and film the interview. 
Both of the survivors stories were different experiences. But they both told me something in common. 
Now that I had heard their stories, I had to keep it going. 
Not to mention I am Jewish, so it's really close to my heart! 
I want this to be a walk of life for us Jews! And for others to stand with us, as we remember the Holocaust and fight anti-Semitism, hatred, and intolerance.

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