Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Curling Cats

And A Call for Chevre Kaddisha Volunteers: Abq Jew has often written about the important and holy work that the Chevre Kaddisha does in our Jewish community of Albuquerque. See, for example, the blog posChevre Kaddisha 2022 Meeting from earlier this month.

But let's start with something completely different:

Italy Curling

Curling. Especially, mixed doubles curling. As recently seen at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and which the Italian team won. It is altogether fitting that the 2026 Winter Olympics will be held in Milano and Cortina.

Just fascinating. Chess on ice, they call it. But actually playing curling seems - OK, to Abq Jew - like Scenes From a Marriage.

Now, it turns out that curling (sorta like shuffleboard) actually has rules. As shown in this video.

And it even turns out that curling is called curling because the polished granite stones used actually, well, curl. As shown in this video.

And even more importantly, it turns out that the granite for the 40-ish-pound stones comes from only two sources: Ailsa Craig, an island off the Ayrshire coast of Scotland, and the Trefor Granite Quarry in Wales. 

But if you run out of stones, you can use cats.

OK, then. Back to the Chevre Kaddisha of Greater Albuquerque. 

They're looking for ( i.e., they really need) new volunteers. A few good people. And they're having a meeting and training session this Sunday.

Chevre Kaddisha Meeting

Which would be a good time for you, or any potential volunteer you know to find out more about this important mitzvah.

Open Mike Night

When you arrive at French,
just be sure you go to the right place.

Israeli Goldfish

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