Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hanukkah! Here We Go Again!

Stuff To Do! Laugh! Sing! Please allow Abq Jew the honor, the pleasure, the sheer joy of being the first to wish you, his loyal readers, a happy, bright, and joyous Chanukah. (If Abq Jew was not the first, please don't tell him.)

Here in the Land of Enchantment, there's gonna be plenty of stuff to do during the holiday. Just like there was plenty of stuff to do before the holiday, like the Hanukkah Fest at the Albuquerque JCC.

Let's start with the JCC's presentation of [click here for tickets]

Great news! POTUS has recognized Santa Fe as the capital of New Mexico!

Now if he only knew that NM is part of the US ...

Anyway, Chabad Santa Fe's got their annual

on Sunday December 17. Also on Sunday December 17, Chabad Albuquerque's got their new almost-traditional (2018 (אי״ה, Billy Nader) will make it a chazaka)

And then ... really new this year is

The MeshugaNutcracker!, a musical comedy celebrating Chanukah, debuts in movie theaters nationwide on December 19, putting a unique spin on the classic Nutcracker ballet.

Note: The MeshugaNutcracker! debuts and closes
on the same night - Tuesday December 19 -
is playing at only one theater in town,
and will be shown at 7:00 pm only.

That one theater is the United Artists Cottonwood 16, conveniently located on Albuquerque's Upper West Side. In the Cottonwood Mall, on Coors Bypass, just a couple miles north of Paseo del Norte. Allow extra time for traffic.

Now, Abq Jew knows that many of you, his loyal readers, are afraid somewhat apprehensive about crossing the Rio Grande (that's the river on the west side of town). Don't be. Why? Because
The MeshugaNutcracker! is a full-length musical comedy that features the wonderfully silly sensibilities of the folklore of Chelm (a fictional town of fools) underscored by an invigorating Klezmer-ized orchestration of Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite,” including original lyrics that celebrate Chanukah. 
Judah Maccabee’s triumphant saga and accounts of perseverance during the Holocaust as well as the celebration of the first Chanukah in the new state of Israel emerge with a genuine sense of wonder as the Chelmniks tell eight stories that pay tribute to the holiday. 
Add in dancing dreidels, singing sufganiot, and surprise guest stars and you have the perfect recipe for a holiday outing! Jews and non-Jews alike will delight in this original musical celebrating all things Chanukah.

Much more (אי״ה, Billy Nader) to follow. Until then -

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