Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rosh Hodesh C'est Si Bon

Happy Sivan! Abq Jew doesn't always keep track of the Jewish New Moon. But when he does, it's because of something musically classy like this!

For the record:
  • C'est Si Bon (It's So Good) is a French popular song composed in 1947 by Henri Betti with the lyrics by André Hornez. The English lyrics were written in 1950 by Jerry Seelen. Click here for more than you ever wanted to know about the song.
  • Jolie Môme (Pretty Babe) French Band brings you the music of Edith Piaf and other renowned singers of the “chanson réaliste” era, with hits from the 1920’s through the 1950’s. The sound of the accordion gives a very Parisian atmosphere and complements the songbird vocals of French-Canadian born Myriam [Phiro]. The band is based in New York City and has made a name for itself in the French jazz, cabaret and vintage communities. Click here for even more.

The fact that it's Rosh Hodesh Sivan can, of course, only mean that the Festival of Shavuot (Weeks) is but days away, traditionally falling on the sixth (and here in חו״ל, also on the seventh) day of Sivan, a full 50 days since the second night of Pesach.

Abq Jew would like to point out that he does not read, write, speak, or in any way comprehend or communicate in French - the language, the land, or the people. But savoir faire? Abq Jew is full of it. At least, that's what he thinks people are saying.

In the meantime - c'est si bon!

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