Monday, July 11, 2016

How to Publicize Your Event

From the Jewish NM Calendar: Remember just three weeks ago when Abq Jew showed you How to Submit Your Event, the follow-up to A New Calendar Look?

Let's keep the party going!

When we left off, Abq Jew was confronted with the calendar's Submitted Event List, where he was forced to approve / edit / reject your submitted event.

Let's say that Abq Jew hits the Approve Event button.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
is posted on the Jewish New Mexico Calendar!
Go ahead - click the image!

So now let's say that you want more information, or different information, or a new image, or the time has changed ... or whatever.

Just Contact Abq Jew and he'll take care of it. Your posting is always editable.

OK ... Now what?

First, let's click on Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and see what we've got.
  1. We've got a full, nicely-formatted, easy-to-read explanation of exactly what the Balloon Fiesta is and why people should attend.
  2. We've got the location of the Balloon Fiesta and a map to it. 
But wait! There's more!

See that row of icons across the top of the Balloon Fiesta posting? That's where you can
  1. Click the Twitter icon and share the Balloon Fiesta with your followers.
  2. Click the Facebook icon and share the Balloon Fiesta with your friends.
  3. Click the LinkedIn icon and share the Balloon Fiesta with your groups and contacts.
  4. Click the Google+ icon and share the Balloon Fiesta with your circles and communities.
  5. Click the Calendar icon and save the Balloon Fiesta in your calendar.
  6. Click the Link icon and copy the Balloon Fiesta link to your clipboard. You can then insert the link on your website, in an email, or wherever.
  7. Click the Email icon and email the Balloon Fiesta posting to your email contacts.
We're not done yet!

Depending on how you and Abq Jew have set up your event posting, you can click a tab to Buy Tickets, get More Info, and/or RSVP for your event.

As everyone here on the Upper West Side knows,
balloons can drop by anywhere, anytime.

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