Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Get Your Goat On!

First Ever! Kosher Cabrito 2016! The Jewish Federation of New Mexico invites you to get your goat on at

Kosher Cabrito 2016

The Jewish Federation of New Mexico will be hosting its first ever “Kosher Cabrito” on Sunday July 10. The community celebration will include a kosher goat roast buffet, beverages, and music, and is open to everyone.

In Portuguese, the word cabrito is used to describe a young goat or kid. The goat is traditionally slow-cooked over a charcoal fire for about eight hours, though in this case, the meat will be grilled. 

Rabbi Ron Wittenstein of Kol BeRamah Jewish Learning Center in Santa Fe is New Mexico’s only trained shochet, or kosher butcher. He will slaughter and prepare the animal in accordance with Jewish law during a private ceremony earlier that day.

$10 Advance  /  $15 Door
To Register in Advance
Contact Kristen Gurule at the Jewish Federation of New Mexico
(505) 348-4457 or kristen@jewishnewmexico.org

Abq Jew must tell you that, unlike last year's La Cueva Bear Tree Imbroglio (see All Ye Faithful), two goats will be killed (but, per tradition, not hurt) just hours before Kosher Cabrito 2016.

This may present a problem for all of us who believe that kosher meat comes directly from Heaven in cellophane-wrapped packages.

Mr & Mrs Abq Jew have seen too many videos like this one to really feel good about killing (or having others kill) large, sentient animals. Or small, cute ones.

But we know that pure veganism, or even plain old vegetarianism, will just be too hard for us.

We thought about becoming pescetarian, but consuming all that fish a) involves too much mercury; and b) is just as expensive as eating red meat. Also, when we told people, they thought we were becoming Presbyterian. Too Scottish!

So Mr & Mrs Abq Jew have decided to become


To explain (per Balashon):
The Yiddish term for "chicken leg" or "drumstick" is pulke (פולקע), and it has entered Hebrew as well (פולקה). 
Stahl writes that the origin is in the Russian word pol, meaning half or side. This root is found in a number of Slavic languages, including Czech, where it appears as pul. This is the source of the dance Polka - which according to this site, is Czech for "half-step", referring to the rapid shift from one foot to the other. 
On [Balashon] we find that pul derives from a more ancient Indo-European root meaning "split or half", which leads to many words in the various languages of the Indo-European family, including such words as split and splice.
And we'll start our chicken and turkey diet, Billy Nader,  just as soon as our current supply of frozen Pesachdik red meat runs out. (We're not that crazy!)

And speaking of goats ...

Here are Abq Jew's favorite goats (see All Ye Faithful), singing Jingle Bells!

Abq Jew, you may recall, (see One Giving Tree) has come out strongly in favor of

Peace, Love, Understanding - and Respect

These fine qualities will be in great supply later this year, as our Jewish community and their Christian communities come together to celebrate Chrismukkah.

Yes, this year, the first night of Hanukkah falls on Christmas Eve. Just like Louis Bamberger z"l always hoped it would.

Goat Ready!

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