Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Report from Azazel, 5776

B'nai Israel's eScapegoat: Yom Kippur 5765 has come and gone, and Congregation B'nai Israel's eScapegoat (see Our eScapegoat Returns) is no longer roaming the Internet collecting sins.

As all those who attended shul (even for a short period) on Yom Kippur know, that our inscriptions in the Book of Life are

Signed on Rosh Hashanah. Sealed on Yom Kippur.

For most of us, that's about as far as we need to go. This is what we were taught in Sunday School, and this is what we (fervently or un-) believe. But wait!

What many of us do not realize is that our inscriptions
in the Book of Life have not yet been delivered

And until the FedEx box arrives at the Gates of Heaven - and until the KBH (Holy One, Blessed Be He) signs for it - there is still time to repent.

How much time? Abq Jew hears you ask. Until, the Rabbis say, our inscriptions are

Delivered on Hoshanna Rabba.

More on Hoshanna Rabba later. First, let's take a look at the Top 10 Sins that Albuquerque's eScapegoat collected. (Click here to read them all.)

Top 10 Sins of the Abq Jewish Community
1. I haven't attached shul since I moved  to Albuquerque [held over from 5775]. 
2. I lost my patience with co-workers and acted exasperated when they didn't "get it" fast enough! 
3. I have not lived up to my personal commitment to make the world a better place. 
4. I didn't communicate better with my family during the past year. 
5. Sometimes I enjoy schadenfreude just a bit too much. 
6. Being angry ... just plain angry. 
7. Being selfish, self centered, and narcissistic.
8. Not doing enough for G-d. 
9. Lashon hora ... think before I speak! 
10. Don"t ask [also held over from 5775]!!! 

Abq Jew (and, lehavdil, the Rabbis) remind you:

If you didn't repent by Yom Kippur,
you've still got until
what's the name of that holiday again?

For more on Hoshana Rabbah, see The Great Hosanna.

Here is one place - Congregation B'nai IsraelAbq Jew is sure will have services for Hoshana Rabbah:

Until then  ....

Hag Sameach, Albuquerque!
Good Yontif, New Mexico!

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