Monday, April 27, 2015

The Abq Jew Blog Wins 1st Place!

Thank You, New Mexico Press Women! Abq Jew is happy to inform his readers that the Abq Jew Blog has won 1st Place for Corporate or For-Profit Blogs in this year's New Mexico Press Women Communications Contest.

Abq Jew Blog       1st Place
Blogs - Corporate or For-Profit
New Mexico Press Women
2015 Communications Contest

A complete list of New Mexico Press Women Communications Contest winners is now posted by category here.

Diane J Schmidt, Chair of the Contest (and herself a multi-award winner) says:
94 entrants submitted 260 entries in 100 categories (64 main and 30+ subcategories). 64 First Place winners entries will go on to compete in the National Federation of Press Women contest, results to be announced later this summer and at the National conference in Alaska this fall.  
The New Mexico Press Women Communications Contest is now the most competitive and fastest growing communications contest of all affiliates of the NFPW in the 50 states, and New Mexico Press Women is the largest affiliate.
With great humility, Abq Jew congratulates all the winners, who include: Gloria Abella Ballen (see The Power of the Hebrew Alphabet); Norma Libman (see Speaking Out in Closed Societies); Dianne Layden; Marsha Lichtenstein; Claudette Sutton; Anna Redsand; Dede Feldman; and (as mentioned above) Diane J Schmidt.

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