Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Taste of Honey 2014

Abq Jew Palooza!  A Taste of Honey, the Jewish community's annual, exciting, social, cultural, and educational event, is scheduled to take place at the Albuquerque JCC on Sunday, February 9th.

 Sign Up By January 31st for Early Bird Price!!!

Yes, this is Abq Jew Palooza! Event Number 1. Abq Jew has not forgotten Event Number 2 (KlezmerQuerque!). He simply wanted to be sure you have enough time to catch the Early Bird Price!


The Keynote Speaker will be Judith Fein.

Award-winning international travel journalist, author and blogger Judith  Fein is launching her new book, The Spoon from Minkowitz: A Bittersweet  Roots Journey to Ancestral Lands.

Be prepared to laugh, be moved, challenged and inspired as Judith reveals insights and shows photos from her own recent journey to Russia and the Ukraine.

With great intellect, humor and heart, she shares the world left behind by our ancestors, who seemingly passed into oblivion. But Judith discloses the secrets of how our ancestors still live within us, and how they continue to impact and influence our lives.

Violin accompaniment provided by Beth Cohen, Chazzan / Music  Director of Congregation Nahalat Shalom and KlezmerQuerque! organizer. 


Session A courses are:
  1. Buchalter, Harvey. Say Chai to Yiddish:
                 18 Indispensable Words and Expressions
  2. Dardashti, Schelly Talalay. Online Genealogy -
                 How to Search & Record  Family History
  3. Davis, Jane. Jews in Jail: Why We Might Care 
  4. Karni, Shlomo. Evolution of Jewish Defense Organizations:
                 Ha-Shomer (1909) to IDF (1948)   
  5. King, Nancy. The Healing Power of Jewish Stories
  6. Muldawer, Judy & Michael. Jewish Songwriters of Tin Pan Alley
  7. Pack-Campbell, Andrea. Your Ancestors:  Old Family from Far Away
  8. Rubin, Gail. Show & Tell: Jewish Funeral Superstitions and Traditions
  9. Schwartz, Paula; Tarica, Erin. Moments of Mussar: Balancing our Lenses
  10. Shlachter, Rabbi Jack. People of the (Cook) Book
  11. Abq Jew [Marc Yellin]. The Talmud - A Page (or Two) 
                      Session B courses are:
                      1. Brin, Rabbi Deborah. The Life and Poetry of Ruth Brin
                      2. Cohen, Beth. Zingt zhe mir a Lidele in Yidish (Sing a Little Yiddish)
                      3. Dardashti, Schelly Talalay. Our DNA: Who Are We Really?
                      4. Diel, Michele. A Taste of Dance                                                                  
                      5. Keynote Speaker Judith Fein. The Spoon from Minkowitz -
                                     a Book Discussion with the Author 
                      6. Sandweiss, Naomi. A Mobster in the Family:
                                     Jewish Outlaws, Gangsters & Bandits
                      7. Sokolove, Sam; Barberio, Steve; Kantrowitz, Rabbi Min; Koplik, Sara.
                                     Pew and Jew
                      8. Tafoya, Eddie. The Whole of Western Comedy is a Footnote
                                     to Harpo, Groucho and Chico
                      9. Taylor, John. The Los Lunas Mystery Stone
                      Click here for the brochure and sign-up form.
                      For more information, contact Phyllis Wolf at phyllisw@jccabq.org or (505) 348-4500.

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