Friday, December 20, 2013

Laughing at Pew 2

That Jew from Jersey AgainLast month, Abq Jew (see Laughing at Pew and Jewish Jokes for Dark Days) directed your attention to the Pew Research Center, which recently published A Portrait of Jewish Americans

The Center calls their study (and it is generally acknowledged to be) a "landmark new survey of American Jews."

Which brought us to Andrew Silow-Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of the New Jersey Jewish News. Mr Silow-Carroll has once again written a column about Pew, funnily titled

In which Mr Silow-Carroll points out a few things the Pew researchers may have missed.

Abq Jew strongly encourages you to read Mr Silow-Carroll's column in its entirety. But if you haven't the strength to click here, here (and above) are a few highlights.
  • 64 percent of synagogue-goers try hard not to giggle when the rabbi announces the yahrtzeit of Hymie Lipschitz.
  • 56 percent of Conservative Jews run through last night’s episode of Homeland when they get to the silent parts of the “Musaf Amida.”
  • 26 percent of New Age Jews have experienced anti-Semitism in someone else’s lifetime.
  • 33 percent of Reconstructionist Jews all this time thought they were Reform.
  • 77 percent of Reform Jews have a picture on their wall of a hasidic rabbi. Zero percent of hasidic Jews have a picture of a Reform rabbi.
  • Two out of three Jewish women talk about the third one when she’s not around.
  • 34 percent of Jews say a person can be Jewish even if he or she believes Jesus was the messiah — just as long as they don’t go to church, drink beer from the can, or join the NRA.
  • 77 percent of the questions asked by Jews at public events are in fact lengthy rebuttals of the guest speaker or memories of having served in the military.
  • Three-quarters of Jews say they were raised Jewish by religion, 20 percent say they were raised Jewish by guilt and haranguing, and 80 percent of Jewish mothers will say at some point that their children were raised by wolves.

Shabbat Shalom, Albuquerque!
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As you may have heard, fire has devastated
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Abq Jew applauds the past successes of the National Institute of Flamenco,
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