Tuesday, May 21, 2013

AFME Presents: Israeli Shorts

A Film of Jewish Interest: The Albuquerque Film & Media Experience is proud to present:

Israeli Shorts
Plus talk with John Mancini of the Lamb Foundation
Wednesday June 5 ~ 3:30 pm
The Lobo Theatre

The Burnt House (Excerpt)
In Jerusalem, the skeletal remains of a young Jewish girl killed during the siege and destruction of Jerusalem, the Temple, and the majority of the Jewish people by the Roman Empire in 70 A.D., 2,000 years ago are found on an archaeological excavation.

Tozeret Bait (Dir. Lior Sagi) (Israel, 2013)
A mother from a kibbutz convinced that her son, who was arrested on suspicion of rape of a minor, is innocent and she is commits to clearing his name despite her husband's wishes.

Court (Dir. Dekel Nitzan)

Erez accompanies his son Uri, to the neighborhood basketball court, after some kids stole Uri's ball. The two will find themselves in a difficult situation, in which Erez will try to avoid trouble, while Uri hopes to see his father fight for him.

The Predator’s Return (Dir. Jerald Fine)

Abe, a former concentration camp survivor, is a resident of a nursing home. The newest resident of the facility is the same Nazi officer that murdered his entire family 60 years earlier.

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