Monday, August 6, 2012

The Economics of Gravity

Visit Scott Tyson's Universe:  Surely you remember way back in June when Abq Jew asked ... anybody ... to Explain Me Three Things. You know - when Abq Jew said:
Scott Tyson has written a book. That book, The Unobservable Universe, states on its cover that it provides a "paradox-free framework for understanding the universe."

Abq Jew does not understand the universe. Except for the answer 42 to the ultimate question of Life, The Universe, and Everything, the universe rarely crosses what remains, after all these years, of Abq Jew's mind.

Scott Tyson, Abq Jew believes, does understand the universe. 
Well, anyway ... Scott is giving a class this Wednesday at Albuquerque OASIS entitled The Economics of Gravity (#83). Which is to say (as the OASIS catalog does):
A scientific revolution appears imminent. It will likely involve the unification of quantum theory with relativity theory, and the understanding of gravity. The revolution will offer the prospect for an abundant, benign supply of energy that redefines the concept of "green energy." But this next revolution may represent a disruptive technological, economic, and societal event on a potentially unprecedented scale with huge consequences to our nation and all humanity.
Why does Abq Jew bring this up? Because the class (if it's anything like the book, or like listening to Scott explicate over lunch) is probably going to be pretty interesting.

Abq Jew certainly plans to attend. Maybe he'll get Scott to Explain Me Three Things.

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