Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Running in Circles

A Week Without Greyhounds:  Hard to keep track, but Abq Jew & family have just been to New Jersey, celebrating the wedding of Jacky Grossberg and Eric Latzman!

Said wedding finally took place on Sunday, thank God. And we only say "finally" because Jacky and Eric have been "going together" since high school, which was ... several years ago.  It's about time!

To Abq Jew, this meant days, and worse, nights without Henry (left) and Belle (right).

So - here is a video of greyhounds in action, as opposed to greyhounds' inaction, which is what we usually see.  You may not realize it, but greyhounds are the world's fastest couch potatoes.  They can race you to your favorite spot on the couch and beat you every time.  Then, they can stretch out on their backs and take up the entire couch.  You can go find someplace else to watch TV!

See you soon, guys!

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Jacky Latzman said...

We feel so special to have made your blog!!! We love you guys so much - it was SO special having you at our wedding. We can't wait to see you in the summer.

Jacky and Eric