Friday, December 30, 2011

End the Year with a Blessing

Start the Year with a Blessing:  It has become Abq Jew's tradition that the last checks written (or online donations entered) for one year and the first for the next year should be charitable donations to organizations, institutions, and causes that Abq Jew supports.

If you are looking for ways to give - or whys - you might wish to look here and here. In any event, here is one new-to-Abq Jew venture: 

Pioneers For A Cure - Songs To Fight Cancer is the largest showcase of cancer charities on the web. Pioneer artists revive pioneer songs to pioneer a cure for cancer.  Music and memories and mitzvot!   Here is how Pioneers for a Cure works:

There are plenty of artists who are taking part in this effort, including Yehoram Gaon, David Broza, Alicia Svigals, Suzanne Vega, and ... Ilanit, who contributes Shir Eress (aka Numi, Numi).

For those of a certain age ... ok, for men of a certain age ... Ilanit, of Ilan & Ilanit 1970's fame, will always be the quintessential female Israeli pop star.  Ilanit twice represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest - in 1973 (the first time Israel participated) and in 1977. She was named Israel's top female singer every year from 1971 to 1977.

For the new year, here are Ilan & Ilanit singing - what else? - Bashanah HaBa'ah:

אילן ואילנית - בשנה הבאה

Next year we will sit on the porch and count the migrating birds
Children on vacation will play catch between the house and the fields
Red grapes will ripen till the evening and will be served chilled to the table
And languid winds will carry to the crossroads old newspapers and a cloud

You will see how good it will be next year!

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