Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finlandia for Shabbos

Not Just Vodka:  Nope, can't do it.  Abq Jew simply cannot leave you with his previous post on top of the Abq bloglist.  Not over Shabbos!

Aurora Finlandia

So let's go into Shabbos with Finlandia - in a performance forwarded to us by Abq Jew's good friend, Julian Tepper.  Julian writes:
It is difficult to believe that this is a performance of amateurs that comprise different orchestras and choruses. It is one of the most stirring Finlandias I have ever heard. 
The conductor certainly understood the purpose of the music and demonstrated by his leadership that function need not be at war with inherent beauty. 
I hope that everyone who reads this will share it with others. I admit that at times I had full-body goose bumps. 
Abq Jew says: Enjoy this performance!  Good Shabbos!

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