Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jim Terr for President

There Will Be More: Presidential candidate Jim Terr has informed Abq Jew and other major media outlets that he'll be joining Project White House 2012, although he says he aims to have "a couple of affairs and rehabs between now and January 9."

Never heard of Jim Terr?  Well, first of all, he's Abq Jew's biggest fan, and vice versa, we're sure.  Jim is also a really creative guy, a singer songwriter satirist comedian of the highest order (see Hebrew Nashville, et al).  Abq Jew just loves Jim Terr's work, if you can call it that.

More importantly, Jim is a presidential candidate in the fine tradition of Pat Paulsen, who ran for President way back in 1968 (he didn't win).

Pat's son Monty is apparently also running for President this year - it's become a family tradition. But Jim Terr is from Valley Stream, New York - where Abq Jew is also from - so he gets our vote.

Want to know more about Jim Terr's plan for America?  Of course you do!  So click here.

It's time for new thinking, outside-the-box packaging, fresh paradigms and ripe mangoes. Think about electing Jim Terr. While you're thinking about it, send money. "Give Jim Terr a chance to steal from you." 

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